Dealing with weak, fragile nails? Find out how to grow healthy, natural nails

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Just like your hair, healthy nails are determined by genetics and from your diet.
Although you can get long, manicured nails by applying acrylic or gel nails, it definitely weakens your natural nails and it will eventually damage your real nails permanently. 
It is also very unhealthy to breathe the toxic fumes and chemical used during the application process which slowly penetrates the nail bed and seeps into your pores.
The best alternative is to strengthen and grow your natural nails. Anything worth waiting for is worth the time and effort it takes to achieve the final results. Beauty is work, ladies!
First, let’s take a look at some common nail problems and learn how to solve them.
Weak, fragile nails
If you often find your nails breaking, cracking and splitting, you may not be getting the proper nutrients in your body. Take an inventory of the foods you eat on a regular basis. Do you eat a lot of fast food? Are you drinking enough water? A proper diet reflects great skin, hair and nails which is apparent over time as long as eating habits are consistent. It helps to eat balanced meals and a high protein diet to strengthen nails.
Once you take care of the inside, let’s take a look at the outside. Keep those nails strong by using a nail strengthener like Sally Hansen. By using a base coat, nail polish which includes a nail strengthener and top coat, it provides layers of protection and fortifies the nails to help strengthen and grow nails.
Dry, brittle nails
You definitely need to apply moisture around the cuticle and nail bed. By dabbing a little bit of coconut or almond oil, Vitamin E or shea butter, you can easily moisture your nails. You can also use a daily hand lotion or cream and gently massage it into your cuticles. A great product to try is “Cuticle Massage Cream” or “Healthy Cuticles Now” by Sally Hansen. Just make sure you moisture after your nail polish is dry. It’s not recommended to moisture prior to applying nail polish. Bed time is the best time to moisturize as it will allow 6-8 hours of penetration without daily activity.

Stained, yellow nails
Yellow nails could be caused by the continuous use of wearing nail polish which eventually stains the nails. However, it could be a sign of more serious health issues. Our nails and hair are storytellers. We must listen to the warning signs and be aware of what are bodies are telling or showing us. We should be sensitive to how we feel and if something doesn’t feel or look right, it possibly isn’t. Don’t freak out but just take precautions by contacting your primary physician to schedule an appointment if you feel your nails is a precursor of a condition or possible illness such as yellow nail syndrome.

Get vibrant, summertime nails with OPI nail polish. Just another one of my favorites!
Ridged or bumpy nails
Again, many health conditions are related to the appearance of fingernails. Although it may not be a serious condition, it is best to contact your doctor to resolve any underlying issues. To find out more about possible health conditions related to nails, go to WebMD here.
If you deal with a cosmetic flaw, Sallie Hansen also has products that help smooth the nail surface. Also, acrylic nails wreaks havoc on your real nails causing dry, thin and weak nails.
Slow, stunted growth
Again, diet plays a major role in the growth process of your nails and hair. Those two parts of your body are the last places nutrients resides because your vital organs receive all the important nutrients it needs to keep your body running, operating and functioning properly. So that means, if you have a poor diet, you are starving your skin, hair, and nails of the proper nutrients it needs and it will not have enough nutrients to be distributed and filtered to your hair, skin or nails. Water plays an important role since our bodies ae made up of 98% of water. Also, be aware if you constantly bite your nails which can stem from a nervous or anxiety condition or just plain boredom. You will never see growth if you’re the primary cause of the problem.
Nail tools needed for healthy nails
First, nails should always be kept clean as dirt, bacteria, and germs constantly accumulate under the nails, especially as your nails grow longer.

Here are a few recommendations you should consider in your beauty arsenal:

  • Nail brush
  • Nail Clippers
  • Cuticle Pusher
It doesn’t take much to keep your nails perfectly manicured. However, time is the factor. Emery boards and nail files tend to weaken the nails due to the sawing back and forth motion. By trimming or cutting the nails, it will allow them to grow out naturally. Over time, you will train your nails and it will help strengthen the nails for maximum growth. What better place to find the latest trends in nails than at Sally Hansen.



A simple, straight cut will allow fingernails to grow in a squared shape which is the easiest shape to maintain. For oval shapes, you will need to use a nail file to achieve the proper shape. For 15 tips for a perfect manicure, read more here.
And Lord knows, don’t forget those toes! Show them the same TLC as your fingernails! With these basic tips, you will see improvements in your overall nail health and growth that is manicured worthy!
For a healthy pedicure tips, read more here.


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