Real & Raw: 6 Uncommon Fashion and Beauty Tips from the Inside Out

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I‘ve been binge watching a TV series called, “Botched.” I simply could not believe how many women are being disfigured by implants. Plastic surgery is big business along with the hair and cosmetic industry. Many women are taken advantage of because of their lack of self-esteem, identity, and self-worth. This post relates to a pressing urgency on the impact of beauty including the need to strive for perfection and to encourage women to step into their true essence.

Here are six uncommon lifestyle tips related to beauty and fashion to consider.
1.  Don’t compare yourself to others.

Social media has made it difficult to feel good about ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with images that do match our personal experiences.

With apps like Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, so many people compare their lives to what they watch or see online. A feeling of inadequacy, envy or judgment may arise from the false images portrayed online. It is a subtle and self-conscious feeling that creeps up inside your emotions where you might not even be aware of its smooth and slow parallels of comparison.

It’s dangerous when we start comparing ourselves or our lives to friends, neighbors, classmates, celebrities or strangers. Each person has their own unique beauty, flaws, quirks, and imperfections. The saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is exactly that. What someone considers beautiful may not be the beauty of another. It’s all relative.
When you choose to appreciate your beauty and the life you have, you will feel better on the inside.

Many times when others gossip or bully others, it’s because they do not feel good about themselves. Their actions are rooted in insecurity and jealousy and they elevate themselves to feel better about themselves. Remember that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) You’re a designer’s original and nothing compares to you. So ignore the haters.

Tweet: Each person has their own unique beauty, flaws, quirks, and imperfections.

2.  Be creative.

Explore new fashion, beauty or hair styles. Step outside of your comfort zone. Discover new ways to express yourself. However, it also doesn’t mean being the most outrageous to be heard or seen but it just simply means stepping into your own zone.
3.  Be authentic.
The real sexy is having confidence and believing in yourself. Although it’s fun to follow the latest fashion trends, be who you are. If you’re not sure who that is or if loss your sense of identity, it’s time to take some time out to be alone. Get off social media. Dig deep to explore or rediscover your likes and dislikes or what makes you tick. Just slow down. Embrace your emotions however you are more than your emotions. Be truly honest with yourself. Trust in your own sense of style and personality. March to the beat of your own drum.
4.  Don’t substitute your sexy with pain.

Pain is not cute! If the stilettos are hurting your feet, find another pair. There is no sexy going on with corns, bunions and crooked toes all for the sake of beauty and slaying like a diva.

Flats provide a variety of options where you can be comfortable yet stylish.
Here are a few suggestions: Espadrilles, slip-on, gladiators or wedges. Of course, it also depends on where you’re going.
5.  Less is really more.
Sometimes, the bare essentials are more attractive than a whole lotta nothing! Mixing too many styles, colors or designs can really cheapen the look. Simplicity is bliss! Going to extremes doesn’t make you look stylish. It makes you look unstable! However, if that’s you, do you! Express yourself, girl! :0)
6.  Beauty comes from the inside out.

So much money and attention is concentrated on the outside but the insides may be falling apart. Our emotional mental, psychological and spiritual, as well as our overall health and wellness, is the most important investment of our self-care.

When our physical, mental and spiritual being is in alignment, we are balanced. We will also feel a sense of peace and contentment. It’s something we all need to strive for on a daily basis in a hectic and chaotic world.

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Hopefully, these essential tips will become a staple goal throughout the year that you can apply. You are perfection. There is no one who has your same exact fingerprint and every strand on your head has been designed only for you. (Luke 12:7)
Don’t allow anyone to tear you down verbally, emotionally, psychologically or physically. There are many elements or circumstances in your life that can make you feel worthless, unvalued or unloved. It’s important to recognize what is causing you to feel the way you do and seek a professional if needed.
Internal work is always harder to achieve than gliding your favorite lipstick or dabbing your favorite glitter on your eyes but your internal well-being is crucial to how you appear on the outside. It’s the foundation of your authentic beauty.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions or suggestions on what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. You just never know how you may impact someone else who is silently struggling with their own personal feelings inside.

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