Fierce and Flawless Beauty Trends for Fall

The best thing about the fall is that there is no restrictions when it comes to fashion and beauty. Although there’s always the latest fashion or beauty trend each year, it’s left up to the individual to select what works best for them.

Creating an authentic style that’s comfortable yet stylish works well in any space these days. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or a fashionista, you have unlimited opportunities to switch up your look at any time of the season. Long are the days when you have to follow the crowd to determine or consider what’s hot or trendy.

The feature trends highlighted below are merely guidelines for the upcoming season. However, you will find a sense of freedom and creativity to step outside of the boundaries to express yourself in the only way you know how to do. Now, that’s real beauty!

Luscious Lips

Whether you like satin, glossy, metallic or matte lipstick, you’re sure to find the exact colors and textures that fit your look and personal taste. This fall has a wide range of deep violets to raspberry or dark plum or prune shades. You can also wear a selection of yummy colors in chocolate brown or cherry red. It makes it easy to transition your look from your daily grind to evening keepsake moments.

Lipstick textures are fun to explore too. You can wear a variety of crème or liquid lipstick foundations, a glossy finish, stain or lip balm which all has its own characteristics and consistencies.

You can wear a pop of color to accentuate your pout or emphasize it with wearing two-toned lips by contrasting colors on the top and bottom of the lips. Of course, ombre lips are always a beautiful option that compliments your entire look too.

With so many options available, from subtle to dramatic applications, it provides an unlimited palette of color. Just remember to keep your lips well-moisturized. There’s nothing worse than dried, cracked lips when the weather is transitioning into the colder months ahead.

Dramatic Eyes

Nothing creates more attention than a well-defined eye which balances your entire facial landscape. You can simply create a dramatic look with a smoky eye of dark hues in black, grey, silver or deep purples. Just add a floating liner by extending your liquid eyeliner to the outer edges of the eye. You can draw more attention with a graphic eye by coloring a triangular block shape in the outer corner of the eye for a contemporary, modern space-aged look.

Adding a hint of gold glitter or metallic eyes shadow to the eye lids brings it all together. Of course, a great shaped eyebrow cleans up the whole look. If you’re daring, you can try the new squiggle eyebrow.

Short and Sassy

You can choose from a variety of sleek pixies to buzz cuts. There are highly creative variations of the micro chop or even a tattooed style hair version cut utilizing clippers to manipulate the hair to carve out exotic designs. Fro hawks and tapered cuts define and shape with an edgy appeal.

Up dos and protective styling

Nothing is more glamourous than an up do or roll and tuck style. With a collection of hair embellishments, you can go from a pinned up workout look to sheer elegance and grace in just one sweep.

Exotic Nail Art

There is an explosion of creative expression with a variety of shaped, claw-like nails with embellishments of crystals, diamonds and glitter. Your nails are a canvas to explore a variety of intricate patterns, shapes and designs. Choose from chrome, holographic or unicorn styled nails or simply add a pop of color.

Here are 13 boss girl nourishing lipstick brands to keep in your beauty arsenal:

  1. Maybelline: 20 shades of sensational loaded bolds View swatches here.
  2. Milani
  3. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm
  4. Rimmel
  5. Gabriel gluten-free lipstick
  6. ColourPop
  7. Nars
  8. Smashbox
  9. Ofra
  10. Tom Ford
  11. Mac
  12. Stila
  13. Yves Saint Laurent


Braids are becoming more intricate with extreme detail and weaved patterns from cornrows to box or fish braids. Bohemian and African-inspired looks are center stage this season. Braids are a timeless look that will simply never go out of style.

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