Product Review: The Heating Gel Cap by Diane

So far, it’s been a mild winter but one thing I don’t like is conditioning and styling my hair in the dead of winter. Nothing is worse than walking around inside with a cold, wet head.
After browsing on Amazon, I found this heating cap and I just have to share!

When I took it out the box, I was very surprised to feel how heavy it was. It has a wide elastic band with rows of squared gel packets that lines the inside of the cap with a waffle-like pattern. The cap is much smaller than expected so if you have extremely thick or longer hair, this cap may not work for you.
My Initial Experience
With my first use, I shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal. The instructions stated to put the cap in the microwave for one minute. It did not feel very warm but I followed the instructions because I did not want to overheat the gel. I put on a clear, plastic conditioning cap under the heated gel cap to safeguard or prevent my conditioner from making a mess and getting it all inside the gel cap.
I left the conditioner on longer than I anticipated because I was caught up doing other things like scrolling my profiles on social media.
After about 1½ hours, I washed out my conditioner. The heating cap stayed warm the entire time and my body temperature actually rose while I wore the cap especially right before rinsing my hair.
My hair was super soft and what I liked the most was that it was warm and cozy. It was so much better than wearing a clear, plastic cap on my cold, wet head!
Mobility – You have the ability to move around and not be stuck under a hairdryer.
Heat protection – The gel heating cap locks in the heat for a long period of time. Very warm, cozy and comfortable. In result, it allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft which aids in deep conditioning treatments.
Weight – It was very heavy while wearing the cap. You must have strong neck muscles to withstand the weight. If you deal with neck pain, I would not recommend this product.
Size – It’s too small for the average size head but will probably work for TWA’s or short, cropped or pixie hairstyles.
Overall, there is value in purchasing the product. It does the job and is very convenient to use.

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below. Let us know what you’ve found helpful during your hair journey. Drop your recommendations below.



FTC Disclosure: I will receive a small commission from posts that contains affiliate links for marketing products on the blog. All purchases in a result of recommendations on this blog are solely the responsibility of the consumer.

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