Product Review: Nubian Heritage Heat Protect Mousse

I’ve been on a roll with Nubian Heritage products. So, another product I just had to try was the heat protect mousse. Now, I normally don’t blow dry my hair during the spring or summer but winter or fall is the best time of year to heat style your hair since there is a lack of humidity and moisture in the air.
The Process
I washed my hair, as usual, using the Nubian Heritage co-wash and deep conditioning treatment, however, I did not use any oil or moisture based products on my hair while blow-drying. I simply used a leave-in conditioning spray by Shea Moisture and then sectioned my hair into small sections.
I applied one pump of mousse per section and combed through. I used my Conair blow dryer to smooth my strands and stretch my hair. After blow-drying, I followed up with extra virgin olive oil and ORS Olive Oil moisturizer and twisted each section.
The Review
I have to say that the mousse was very frothy and light. It was less dense than what I anticipated. Even as I shook the bottle and pumped, the product tended to become thinner than the first pump. It had slight bubbles and became a slight liquid consistency.
It provided my hair with strength and I did not have any breakage when applying the heat to my hair. I paid close attention to my ends as most of the time when I blow dry, my ends tend to pop off. However, my ends were very smooth and sealed.
Because everybody deserves a good hair day!
My hair felt very light and fluffy after heat styling. It also prevented shrinkage for at least two weeks. I was simply amazed how well this product performed on my 4C hair texture.
I also used this product with the deep conditioning treatment and co-wash by Nubian Heritage which aids in the overall performance of the product.
If you are struggling with weak, fragile hair or hair damage, I would definitely recommend this line of products to regain elasticity, strength, moisture, and retention. Do not expect the conditioner to slide through the hair. It does not contain silicones, but it will definitely provide healthy hair.
As far as the mousse, my only disappointment was the consistency of the foam. I really wish it was a thick, foam with body and substance.

Although I don’t plan on heat styling my hair on a regular basis, it is a great product to keep on the shelf as a styling option. I highly recommend this product to protect your hair from frizzy, flyaway, heat damaged hair.
Two thumbs and a happy dance!

If you don’t enjoy blow drying your hair, you may want try one of these products instead. The travel heat hot rollers are super cute for vacation and short trips!

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