Protective Styling

One of the best assets of natural hair is versatility. There are a million and one ways to wear our afro textured coils. As long as you take the time to care for your hair, you can continue to enjoy dabbling in a variety of styles. One of the best ways to maintain length and growth of your hair is to put it into a protective style. However, whatever style you decide to wear, make sure it is not pulling, twisting or too tight which will cause traction alopecia over a period of time.

Your hair must maintain moisture for optimized results. Using a conditioning spray alongside with water as well as moisturizing regularly will help ensure your locks stay healthy and viable.

New creative styling that fits your personal ambiance will send out the vibes you decide to choose to rock from street to chic. There is a protective style that fits your mood and personality.

Here are a few ideas:

Braids simply will never go out of style and are always on trend. From fishtails to cornrows, passion twists or box braids. Sis, these twisted tresses are a showstopper.

Nubian Knots also called African Knots are a bold and confident look that commands attention. It’s a spotlight look that shines and oozes, “Yes, I’ve arrived. I’m in the building!”

Roll and Tuck styles range from simple to complex patterns where hair is sectioned and arranged to form a design. From the infamous cinnamon bun to a bun hawks, they are elegant, dramatic or funky.

Updos are the perfect on-the-go style when you have a tight schedule or need to head to an elegant event. There are many hair accessories on the market that will bling out the style including feathers, flowers, headbands, gold wire or beaded jewelry. Just be creative. Be you.

Two-strand twists are the most popular ways to set the hair to achieve a curly defined afro.  There are so many natural hair products on the market today that specialize in perfecting those popping curls. Can we all agree?….#Hair Goals.

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