Breaking the Mold: Redefining the Beauty Paradigm

No longer are women held to the defining image of a blue-eyed, blonde-haired Barbie doll image as the status of beauty.

Women of color have redefined the color spectrum of beauty. From fair to dark skin, melanin is captivating and shaping our perspective on beauty.

Women have stepped into their true essence and natural raw beauty and no longer allowing the media to dictate what is considered beautiful. The curve of our hips and the plump of our lips have plastic surgeons scrambling to keep up with the cosmetic requests of altering European features to resemble the characteristics and the physique of colored women.

Cultural appropriation has played a vital role in how European, Asian as well as other racial groups and ethnicities are crossing cultural lines to identify or claim the fashion, music, style, culture, and language of other minority groups.

Not only are women of color redefining their physical attributes but they are also redefining the negative stereotypes that have been embedded in a racist and bias mindset for centuries.

She is redefining her strength. Through many life challenges, disadvantages, and lack of opportunities, she is reclaiming her time and showing the inner strength of her character. More black women are graduating with a Master’s degree, building their own businesses or being promoted into CEO roles. They are the backbone of their families, mentors to their friends and role models for their children.

She is redefining her power. She is not allowing society to strip her of self-confidence or her self-esteem. She is digging deep to acknowledge her truth,  courage, and boldness. She is not shrinking down to dim her light but shining bright like the diamond she truly is.

She is redefining leadership. She is conscientious in how she leads others. No longer in competition with other women but she is comfortable with acknowledging the contributions, talents, gifts, and skills that other’s bring to the table which helps establish and build instead of tear down and destroy others.

She is redefining her identity. She understands her rich history – where she was and where she is going. She learns from her past and reclaims and shapes her future. She understands who she is and who she is not, neither is she ashamed or condemned by it. She is not moved by fear of what others think about her. She is not afraid to stand alone or with a crowd of people different from her. She has fully accepted her being and is at peace with herself.

She is redefining her impact. She is aware of the subtle yet bold impact she carries in the world. Her creative nature embodies a unique flavor of charisma that’s indistinctively her own.

She is redefining her influence. She realizes her potential and her voice. She takes the authority to reign in her area of promotion. She does not hold back from stating the realities in the world and addressing problems in her own circle or in the world. She clearly articulates her opinions, thoughts, and ideas without compromise.

She is redefining her self-image. She is no longer comparing herself to false notions of her value, worth, and beauty. She understands the quality she possesses within is uncompromising, unstoppable and undeniable. She is virtuous and complete.

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