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Where Does Argan Oil Come From? Find Out the Secret in a Nutshell

If you have not heard about Argan oil by now, you must live under a rock. But, even if  you have, there is some interesting facts on how argan oil is made.

Argan Oil is great for manageability and strengthens the hair shaft. It also can be used on skin and nails. It is widely used for cosmetic, culinary, environmental and social reasons. It is also known for healing skin diseases. You will be very surprised to know the details of where this exotic oil is derived from. (watch video)
Argan oil was founded in Morocco. The argan tree produces nuts. Every ounce of oil is pressed by hand and grounded into a thick paste similar to the consistency of peanut butter.
The oil is distributed throughout the world and currently in high demand. The price of the argan oil can cost up to $300.
This oil is fast becoming a hot commodity and brands are producing skincare and beauty products promising the ingredient will enhance your skin and hair, (even if it only has a small percentage of the oil in it).
To ensure that you are getting the full benefits, it’s best to purchase a bottle that is 100% pure argan oil which is not diluted or mixed with other ingredients.
So, if you haven’t tried a bottle of “Liquid gold” as of yet, you may want to experience all that it has to offer.
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