Indian Healing Clay Mask, Skin Care

Product Review: Indian Healing Clay

Indian Healing Clay is made from one-hundred percent natural calcium bentonite clay. It can be used for acne, body wraps, hair masks, clay baths, foot soaks and insect bites.

The clay is a powder based which needs to be mixed in a non-metal bowl with a utensil. You can use either water or diluted raw apple cider vinegar.  The powder originates from volcanic ash which has components that should not be mixed with metals which can be toxic. A plastic bowl and utensil is required to mix the ingredients.
As a Facial Mask
First, I thoroughly cleansed my face with my favorite facial cleanser. I mixed the powder with water and left the mask on my face for about ten minutes. It dries very quickly so you should apply a liberal amount of the product. The mixture should be creamy and thick yet pliable so you can massage it onto the skin easily. It literally pulls the surface of the skin so it’s best to wash it off prior to it completely drying. Also, it’s best to leave space around delicate areas like under your eyes.

After rinsing it off, my skin felt extremely clean and soft. It didn’t experience any redness or immediate breakouts. I noticed that my pores were tightened and I had a healthy, natural glow. It also enhanced my makeup application which provided a seamless, flawless appearance.

If you are suffering from acne, it may draw out any blackheads or acne under the surface of the skin. It should be used regularly (2 or 3 times per week) if you have problem acne-prone skin to benefit from the results.

As a Hair Mask
When I applied the mask to my hair, I used a water-based mixture also. I coated each section of hair with a large amount of product. I also massaged the clay into my scalp area. I only left the product on for about 15 minutes. It was hard and dry but rinsed out easily. My hair felt very soft, light and airy. It definitely did not feel like my texture was altered like some products apparently do. It was soft and manageable which made my comb out effortless. I also had bouncy, springy hair.

I would definitely recommend this product especially since it’s a multi-purpose purchase. It’s very economical and worth the investment. I tend to lean towards products that you can use it a variety of ways.

It’s like giving yourself a special spa treatment without even leaving the house.