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Product Review: The Mane Choice Styling Gel

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for some time understands that I’m not a fan of hair gels. I don’t like the hard, stiff feeling or the residue it normally leaves behind.

However, I’m late to the party when it comes to trying the Mane Choice hair gel. This product is one to try! I was pleasantly surprised with my final results!

It’s a soft, bluish-purple color and it is super smooth. This product has a very loose consistency but a slimy texture. It is not sticky and melts directly into the hair. It has a very nice smell with a light fragrance.
What’s in this stuff?
The product consists of biotin, avocado oil, and vitamin E. It does not contain mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, sulfates or formaldehyde. Due to its natural-based ingredients, it doesn’t strip the hair like alcohol-based gels. It acts as a moisturizer instead of over-drying the hair.
How did I use the product?
I used the product to twist my hair and roller set on freshly washed hair. It provided a medium hold and curled my strands perfectly while twisting each section.
Once dried, my hair felt so light and airy. It was super bouncy! I really liked how loose and free. I did not have any flakes and absolutely no residue. It also was very shiny which is so unusual since I have such a hard time achieving with such a tight, curl pattern.
I’m looking forward to using it to style an updo or a slick, high bun to test how it maintains slicking back my edges or nape of the neck.
Overall, I definitely would recommend trying this product. As far as I’m concerned it does a tremendous job to enhance your curl pattern and it would be great for shingling or coiling the hair. I also feel it would be great for wash and go’s which I shamelessly have never tried (don’t judge me) but I’m curious about trying this style once the summer rolls around.
It always feels great to try a new product especially when you get fabulous results!