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Spring into Summer: Shine Bright During Your Special Engagement

There are times in your life when you want to look your very best. During those special engagements like a prom, wedding, or anniversary, you want quality products that enhance your look as well as make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Here are three picks that work to help you shine brightly to capture those special moments.

Hair Inspirations

Elegant hairstyles are epic to any special occasion. Whether you wear an updo, bun, sleek pixie, a genie twist or braid extensions, you can pull off the ultimate look with the latest products and accessories on the market. From moisturizing shampoos to styling aids, select from a wide variety of hair products from your local Sally beauty store.

Nail Fetish

Gel nails are the latest trend for the Spring. With such a wide array of colors, it’s never a hit or miss when selecting a hot color. From pink nudes to electric blues or neons that will turn heads, the selection is endless.  Choose from OPI, Orly, or Fingerpaints. The best thing about it is that it’s a Long Wear Polish . For creative ideas, click here.
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Makeup Bliss

A flawless face brings life to your overall appearance. Once you’ve applied your eye shadow, lipstick, and brows, you may want a bronzer or blush. Enhance your features with a bronzer or blush that provides shimmer and an iridescent glow with a sun-kiss look. That’s perfect for the Spring season. You may want to try a few finishing touches to complement your look.